Australasia's leading wood fire manufacturer & distributor

Founded in the early 1900's, Masport is one of the most diverse and successful manufacturing companies in Australasia. We have been leading the market in home heating since the 1970's with innovative designs, superior fire boxes and technology which are second to none and have a range of products to fit any household.

Superior build quality, extensive research and development, rigorous quality control and a guarantee of workmanship are values that are synonymous with Masport Heating. Glen Dimplex is the largest manufacturer of wood fires in Australasia and incorporates a high level of equipment and facilities unrivalled by any other manufacturer in Australasia. As a consequence, our product range is extensive and offers great value for money.

We at Masport Heating have in-depth knowledge of solid fuel heating and continue to invest a great deal of time and money into innovative wood fire design and development. Our range of wood fires are a result of intense research and over the years we have been at the forefront of the new generation of clean building, ultra efficient fires. These are advanced appliances that provide reliable warmth to the entire house and all with an amazing degree of control, economy, aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness.

Masport Heating is committed to producing  the best solid fuel burners in Australasia and our confidence is reflected in our 10 year firebox warranty on our entire wood fire range. Rest assured that you are buying a quality product from a reliable and renowned wood fire manufacturer.