Masport App is Launched

We are excited to announce that we have launched our Masport App to the Apple App Store!



Q. What does the app do?

A. It will help customers find the perfect Masport wood fire for their home and help retail store staff recommend the best Masport fires to customers. You can: -answer a few key questions about your home and it will provide a filtered list of appropriate wood fires -see what the wood fire would look like in your own home (using the camera in your device) -find your nearest stockist -contact us through the app if you have queries -access spec sheets and installation instructions -read up about what makes our wood fires so special and why wood is good.

Q. What if I find a problem with the app?

A. Please report it to me and we will correct. The app will change according to changing customer needs and council regulations.

Q. Why doesn’t the app have detail about (a certain type of information)?

A. We have tried to strike a balance between an uncluttered user-friendly app and one that has comprehensive information. However please let us know if you think there is key information we are missing and we will gladly evaluate.

Q. Is it available on Android?

A. No. At least not yet. Only currently available on Apple App Store.

Q. Why can’t I find it when downloading onto an iPad?

A. Set your search criteria to search for “iPhone apps only”. You should now be able to find it. The app will work in the same way on iPhones and iPads

Q. I don’t understand how to download this app from the app store

A. You need to tap on this link through your Apple device. Click here