Choosing the right fire for you

When choosing a wood fire, there are a couple of things to consider to make sure you get the right one for your space. What type of fire best suits your room? What type of firebox is best?

There are two main types of clean burning fires: Convection fires and Radiant fires. A convection fire has a casing around the firebox which allows the air to flow. As the air passes the firebox, it is heated. This action is known as convection.

Convection fires provide a more even heat to the room. The air is warmed from the ceiling down. It operates in a cycle where it heats the air surrounding the ceiling area first and then pushing the warm air down. The convection fire is more suitable for a room or house with a standard ceiling height and where more even heat distribution is desired.

Radiant fires heat quickly and if you sit close to them you can get warm even if the whole room has not had time to warm up. A radiant fire transfers about two thirds of its heat by radiation and one third by convection. A radiant fire is more suitablchoosing a woodfiree for rooms with high ceilings.

The two types of fireboxes to choose from are Cast Iron and Steel. Cast iron fireboxes generally take a little longer to heat up but also longer to cool once the fire has burned down. They offer superior durability and all Masport cast iron fireboxes come with a 10 year warranty. 

Steel fireboxes operate the opposite way and heat up quicker but also cool quicker. If you plan to use your wood fire just a few times a week, a steel box would most likely be the better choice for you.