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Powerful performance, built to last

For more than 45 years, our fire-makers have been crafting Masport wood fires for Australian homes. From day one, we’ve been driven by our commitment to create the very best fires for your family.

Today, Masport wood fires continue to lead the way ensuring lasting warmth through the coldest winter nights and assured performance through decades to come.

Lasting warmth

No matter how large your home is, or where you live, there is a Masport fireplace to keep your family cosy through the coldest Australian winter.

Time together

We believe the natural warmth of a Masport wood fire has the power to bring families together. In today’s busy world, we think that’s more important than ever before.

Enduring quality

Our wood fires are designed for longevity. When you choose a Masport fireplace, you can do so with the confidence that it will last – and that, if you require support at any time, we’ll be there to help.


We constantly strive for better, aiming to create next generation technology that enables our fires to burn more efficiently.

We value your opinion

Staying warm this winter with your wood fire? Share you experience with us and for others to read by leaving a review on ProductReview. Your feedback is always appreciated!